Monday, December 31, 2012

Simple Marketing Techniques that Drive Repeat Customer Business

Every successful business owner understands that it is much less expensive to up-sell a current customer than it is to locate a new one. However, many fail to implement simple marketing techniques that will keep customers returning again and again to their establishment. By implementing a few low cost marketing initiatives into your monthly calendar, you can drive incremental business during targeted time periods for your salon business.

Follow these simple marketing techniques to drive repeat customer business to your salon:

Customer Specials-
Alternate monthly specials between service and retail products to attract repeat business. For example, X% off retail products for the month of October, or 10% off special event styling for December (to drive holiday business). Consider which months are typically slower and utilize promotions and specials to drive incremental business during those time periods.

Email Marketing- Utilize email to send out styling information as well as promotional materials. Avoid spamming and use this marketing technique sparingly to capture the most attention from your current clientele.

Promote New Services and Products-
Whenever your salon is offering something new or trendy, be sure to promote it to your current customer base via email or direct mail.

Schedule Special Events
If you are looking to reach your current clientele in addition to their circle of friends, consider hosting occasional special events. For example, book a style show to showcase the latest in seasonal hairstyles or techniques. Or, host a do-it-yourself hair-drying event where women can learn how to achieve better results at home.

Send Reminders
For those services which are time sensitive, such as hair coloring or highlighting, send friendly customer email reminders. Something very simple such as “We noticed that it has been a while since we have seen you and would like to offer you 10% off for your next coloring session” will work perfectly. Utilize your calendar system along with an automatic email-marketing program such as Constant Contact to accomplish this objective.

Monthly marketing specials, promotions and reminders can help to increase the number of repeat customers that walk through your establishment’s front doors. While you should never take your eye off of generating new business, mining your current customer base is a proven method for increasing revenues. And, repeat customers often have higher conversion ratios and lower marketing costs than generating a new salon customer.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Designing a Salon Retail Area

If you own your own salon, you know that a large part of your business consists of the services you offer. However, you also likely sell a large range of products such as shampoos, conditioners and other items.

These products are things you use in your salon on your customers. When the customers like the results they see, they might want to buy those products, so it only makes sense that you offer them for sale.

While you have already built your salon styling areas with comfortable chairs, dryers, sinks, and styling stations, you might need to do a little work on your retail area. You want the shampoos and other items to be attractive your customers and you want to display as much as possible without overwhelming the amount of space you have. Here are a few tips to help you design your retail area.

-Consider Space First, you will need to think about how much space you have to offer to your retail area. If you have a small amount of space in your entry way, one or two small racks or shelves will be all it can handle. If you have quite a bit of room, you can look into a wide array of retail shelving to hold your products.

-Product Supply You will also want to think about how many products you have to offer to your customers. Even if you have a lot of space, if you do not have that many products, you can get away with a smaller shelf to display them. Then, you can replace the products as they are sold from the inventory you will keep in the back room. If you have a lot of different products, you will want to display at least one of each item, or at least keep some sort of book or picture reference out for your customers to see what is available to them.

-Pricing When choosing shelving and other display items, price is a big factor. You may not be able to afford the top of the line shelves that you really want. Keep in mind that anything you buy for your salon is an investment. If the shelving helps you to sell more products, you will eventually make up for the cost you put into the cabinets.

You will want to think about a number of other things when you look into cabinets as well. Things like color tone and style will help the retail area blend into the rest of the salon with ease. Once you have the retail area up to par, you might be surprised by how many products you sell.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Equipment to help you start your own salon

If you have always wanted to start your own salon, you know that you have a lot of work ahead of you. You will need to find a location and decide what types of services you will offer first.  Once you have those decisions made, you can start to buy the equipment you need.

There are plenty of options in terms of types of equipment and prices.  You will want your items to be high in quality so that you can ensure that your customers get nothing but the best.  In order for them to come back, they need to enjoy the treatments they receive from you.  Here are a few of the options in terms of salon equipment that you will need, or you might at least need to consider.

-Styling Chairs
The first thing you will need to add to your list is a styling chair or numerous chairs.  If you are the only worker in your salon, you might only need one, but if you plan to add employees at any point, it is a good idea to order several chairs at once so they are all the same.  Make sure the chairs are easy to clean and easy to raise and lower.  They should be comfortable for both you and your customers.

-Styling Stations
Many customers appreciate being able to look into the mirror while their stylist does their hair.  If you want to add this option to your salon, styling stations are a great idea.  Not only do these stations feature mirrors for you and your customers to use, but they also have counter top space for hair styling items and plenty of drawers for accessories.  You will need easy access to scissors, clips, dryers and other items while you work.

-Shampoo Chairs and Sinks
If you plan to offer full services that include hair washing before you do the cutting and styling, you will also want one or more shampoo chairs and sinks.  These chairs should also be comfortable for both you and your customers and the sink needs to be one that can easily be cleaned so that it shines for every customer.

No matter what you choose to include in your spa, make sure you get the best deal on every item.  A.M. Salon equipment sells a wide range of spa equipment for any spa and you can order online or by phone.  Take a look at the colors, styles and prices and you can do all of your salon shopping in one place.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving a great shampoo experience

Favorite shampoo equipment from AM Salon Equipment
Have you ever asked a client what his or her favorite part of a salon visit is when they’re getting hair services? We’ve heard that most clients will answer that the shampooing process can be the best part because it’s a service of kindness.
People enjoy the nice feeling of warm water, scalp massaging, and just generally feeling pampered. That’s one of the reasons so many clients come in for just a wash and a styling — they like the little mini-massage and hair treatment!
When you’re setting up your washing station to give your clients the best shampoo they’ve ever had, you want to make sure that you’re able to set up the greatest experience possible. That means you need to have the right equipment on hand, to serve any kind of client who walks through the doors of your business.
Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your equipment:
  • Client heights. Tall clients will often need a chair that allows them plenty of leg room to stretch out, so they’re not feeling crumpled up into a small space. Shorter clients will benefit from chairs with leg rests in case their feet don’t touch the ground (it winds up being better for their backs).
  • Client weights. Consider the heft of your client when choosing certain equipment. A heavier client may not be comfortable in a narrow chair or with a portable station. You want something that can accommodate a wide variety of people.
  • Special circumstances. People with special needs, such as a bad back, being wheelchair bound, prone to headaches, or those with sensitive necks often need special adjustments. Many salon owners find that the adjustable sink works well with their clients. This is especially the case if your main clients are senior citizens or have other special needs. However, the versatility and adjustable sink provides can apply to those who work on children and differently-sized clients, both tall and petite.
Overall, the goal is to ensure that your clients have a memorable experience that they’ll talk about to all their friends, and having a great shampoo station is the very best way to start a lasting good impression.
When you’re setting up a new station, whether it’s for the first time, or for a remodel, take your client diversity into perspective. That way, you can ensure you give a great shampoo experience that will heighten customer satisfaction, improve your reputation, get clients coming back for more, and get all the referrals you could ever want.

For your Success,

AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith

Monday, November 5, 2012

Manicure-Pedicure Best Practices: Choosing the Right Equipment

Have you ever had trouble choosing which equipment is best for your salon? When your salon is just starting out, or even if you’ve been in business for years, sometimes making sure you have just what you need can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true when you’re looking for good sterilization equipment if your salon offers manicures and pedicures.

Many customers are concerned with a growing number of reports of cross infection from one client to another — things such as nail fungus and other types of contamination are a concern for them. Of course, they are for any reputable salon, like yours. Health inspectors are putting pressure on salons to ensure best practices are kept, and salons are getting nervous about how to get those practices in place without going bankrupt.

Essentially, the reasons for following best practices are threefold:
  • Customer confidence. If clients can see that you’re serious about their safety and well-being, they will not only return to you, but they’ll tell their friends and relatives, meaning more business for you.
  • Reputation saving. Clients flock to salons with good reputations — not just for the services they get, but for how clean and sterile places keep their equipment.
  • Revenue generation. The more people talk about your salon and how customer safety is taken seriously, the more clients will return to you and give referrals.
Let’s face it — if you don’t have good sterilization practices, you might be looking at a huge world of trouble with health inspectors, and the potential loss of revenue and customers. So not only do you want products that keep your instruments clean — you need those products! Not to mention the fact that you also need them to be affordable.

Recently, there’s been an upswing of companies trying to sell “ultrasonic” cleaners as a way to cleanse your tools for use. We agree that these are great products for preparation to cleaning your tools — but they aren’t for proper sterilization. They’re great for pre-sterilization, but they aren’t the paramount of “best practice.”

For the absolute best practices for manicures and pedicures, an autoclave is required! Ultimately, that is the #1, most important tool to have in your arsenal. Nothing works better when it comes to infection control than an autoclave. There are other sterilizers and Barbicide disinfectant, certainly — and they serve their purposes. But if you want to ensure that no fungi or infections are spreading among your customers, an autoclave will help you sleep at night.

For your Success,

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 steps you can take to get more local customers

If today’s struggling economy has taught salon owners anything, it’s that traditional marketing platforms should be combined with new technologies to maximize your earnings potential. In other words, you have to do more than running a couple of print ads to survive and thrive.

Traditional marketing platforms still offer a tried-and-true method for spreading the word about your salon, but the savvy business owner will utilize a variety of marketing tools – many of which are free and just as effective. Below is a look at six ways you can garner more local customers using traditional and new marketing tools.

Print, radio and TV advertising
Consumers have more places to get their news than ever before, so more companies are pulling out their print, radio and television advertisements. But marketing experts still say that print, radio and TV remains one of the most expensive/effective ways of advertising, although online marketing tools are fast closing the gap.

Salons simply can’t rely on word-of-mouth or foot traffic if they want to survive. One sure way to draw more local customers is to offer discounts. It’s the “buy-1-get-1-free” mentality. The theory is that cost-conscious customers will want to save money anyway, so if they know they’re getting a good deal at your store, chances are they’ll come back for more – and they’ll tell their friends about it.

Face-to-face networking
One of the most time-tested ways of attracting more local customers is to simply hit the streets. Get out and meet your potential client base. Join the local chamber of commerce, attend networking meetings, and set up a booth at your local neighborhood party. Let people know who you are, where you’re located, and what you can do for them.

Stay ahead with the Web
Any salon that isn’t online will probably struggle to keep up with the competition. Web sites, when professionally designed, give potential customers everything they need to know about your business, including the cost of your services or products, address(es) and contact info.

‘Like’ your business on Facebook
Looking for a way to spread the word about your company and attract more local customers? You no longer have to pay an arm-and-a-leg, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and blogs. Many large companies today have some social media presence because most of those sites are free – and your local business can potentially reach millions of people across the globe.

We're No. 1!
Research shows that people are unlikely to sift through pages and pages of Internet search results. That's where rankings come in handy. Search EngineOptimization (SEO) helps you gain more visitors to your Web site by garnering a high ranking in the search results page. You can pay for SEO services, or you can make sure your Web site -- and content inside -- contains certain keywords that are likely to show up in any of the major search engines.

By leveraging marketing techniques that extend beyond the basics, you will be able to reach a broader customer base for your local salon.

For your Success,

AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Importance of Salon Equipment - Barber Chairs and Station Mats

Most people who walk into a salon or spa do not think much about the furniture inside, such as the styling and shampoo stations, the styling chairs, massage tables, manicure tables, dryers or any of the displays or accessories. However, as a salon or spa business owner or manager, thinking about all of the necessary equipment is more than important – it is downright necessary. After all, your clients may not think much about tools or chairs but they certainly will if they find that it is uncomfortable or does not work properly. In the end, this could even cost you business.

That is why it is worth the time and investment to purchase high quality, comfortable and functional equipment for your salon or spa. The overall atmosphere should impress clients when they walk in the door and they should walk out of the door equally satisfied, with both the service and the experience.

For example, start by considering your barber chairs. Ask your stylists if they are happy with the chairs and the way that they function. Then look at the chairs closely.

They should not be stained or damaged and should work smoothly when moving up or down. In addition, high-quality barber chairs should be made out of leather or an equal product, with stainless steel and attractive trim. Clients should feel comfortable when they sit down, allowing them to relax while in your stylists’ expert hands. Of course, purchasing good barber chairs can cost quite a bit of money, although here at A.M. Salon Equipment, we offer the best prices for attractive, functional and durable salon furniture such as a wide variety of barber chairs. Select from chairs that lean back, those with armrests and a neck rest, and several different finishes and fabrics.

While you are checking out your stations, look at your station mats. Are they worn out, damaged or excessively dirty? If so, it is time to change them out for new, attractive and durable station mats through A.M. Salon Equipment. Pick from several different manufacturers and types of mats that come in various sizes and shapes. Match your station mats to the overall salon décor and ambiance and you will find that the little details really do make all the difference.

A.M. Salon and Spa Equipment has been in business since 1966 and we know what it takes to help make your spa or salon look top notch to your clients. We have a huge selection, great prices and excellent customer service. Call us today at 800-481-6511. 

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Your Salon Started - A Checklist

LesliJon Salon - 2012 Salon of Distinction
When you’re just starting to build an idea of what you want your salon to look like, it can get pretty overwhelming to figure out exactly what you’re going to need, both to do your job as well as to ensure that your clients are comfortable and get the best experience possible.

The items below are part of a brainstorming checklist to help you get started.

  • A place to sit. Not only is this important for your customers — to ensure their maximum comfort while you work on them, but for you, as well. Your job may require you to be on your feet a lot, or behind the desk working on manicures. No matter where you are at during the day, you need to ensure that you’re comfortable in order to put your customers at ease. So, when you can’t sit, make sure your feet “sit” on a comfortable station mat.
  • A place to look. Mirrors and mirrored styling stations are a major component for you and your clients. Not only do you want to be able to show them the final product of your efforts, you want them to be able to check their style from a variety of angles (sides and even the back). Adequate mirrors can help you accomplish this.
  • A place to relax. From the barber’s chair to the washing station, you need to ensure you have the right kind of equipment that will ensure your clients’ relaxation at all times. If you’re a massage therapist, you’ll not only want a solid, comfortable table — you’ll want to ensure every step of the client’s journey is a step toward relaxing.
  • Your work space. Don’t forget your practical needs, including your work station. Figure out what you’ll be needing nearby, and how to best contain it. Additionally, don’t forget practical sanitizing equipment such as the autoclave.
  • The Reception Room/Area. This area, typically mixed in with the retail area (unless your space is particularly large), is where clients will get their first impression of your spa, salon, massage parlor, or barber shop. Make sure you make an excellent first impression with their comfort firmly in mind. Select furniture that’s not only fitting for your theme, but also puts the client at ease.
AM Salon Equipment can help you decide which pieces will work best for your salon, as well as offering leasing and financing solutions which can help you work within your budget. Additionally, there are monthly specials that can help with this as well. Be sure to sign up for a comprehensive notification of all monthly specials.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spa Equipment and Your Budget
When it comes to choosing your spa equipment, you want to make sure you get the right tools for the job. Of course, this typically means spending thousands on equipment and hoping that you’ve gotten the best for your dollar.
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’ve got the best equipment at the best price. Below are a few tips while shopping for what you need for your spa.
  • Don’t go by price alone. One of the biggest pitfalls spa owners encounter is choosing equipment simply because it’s the lowest price. But once the product arrives, they discover that it’s a huge disappointment. It may not have all the features you need, or worse — the equipment may not work as promised. When selecting the right piece of equipment for your spa, you will need to look at other factors as well, such as what features are offered for what you’re paying.
  • Do your research. Looking for price comparisons is only a small part of the research you should be doing when selecting your spa equipment. Perhaps even more importantly, look for things such as manufacturer reputation for quality, promptness and thoroughness of handling warranties, etc. It is a nightmare to have to choose between two perfectly comparable products, only to find out that the one you’ve chosen has come from an irresponsible manufacturer who delays repairs and won’t honor a warranty. Additionally, do ensure you research encompasses former manufacturer recalls and adherence to customer safety — especially important when it comes to sterilization equipment!
  • Don’t buy more than you need, but don’t be cheap, either. Remember that you may not necessarily need everything a certain piece of equipment has to offer. So instead of going with a pricier product just because it has more than you need, choose a product at a lower price that will get your job done. Ultimately, however, your customer’s comfort will be the deciding factor on which product you purchase. For example, if you have a choice between a $1,200 chair that has optional heat massage, and a $1,000 chair that does not offer heat massage, but does offer all the same features otherwise, do you really want to spend the extra $200? You might, if you’ve been getting a slew of customers stating they want heated massage! But for the most part, it wouldn’t be a necessity.
If you’re working on a budget, AM Salon Equipment can help you meet your needs and supply you with great equipment on your budget. Simply sign up for our monthly specials, and save a bundle on all kinds of spa and salon equipment.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Tips For Buying Salon And Spa Equipment

AM Salon Equipment is a buyers paradise!
Going into the salon and/or spa business isn’t easy. It takes careful planning, money and a little bit of luck. To get started, there are a few things to consider.   

First, make sure you maintain the best quality and provide all the amenities and luxuries possible to pamper your clients. Treatments should enhance the look of your clients while also giving them personal satisfaction and relaxation. The business itself should have all the latest equipment, treatments, etc. But you also need a variety of treatments and products, too, so that it suites all budgets. 

And finally, you need careful planning for the furniture and equipment. This, too, helps create a relaxing atmosphere – and hopefully will keep the customers coming back time and again. Below are a few tips when looking for new equipment for your salon or spa:

1) What Services Will You Offer?
This seems like a basic question, but deciding what type of services you’ll offer will help you determine what type of equipment and accessories you’ll need.

2) Time For The Basics
You’ll still need basic equipment for hair and skin treatments. Start looking for good wash basins, equipment to straighten or curl hair, hair dryers, supply trolleys, scissors, etc. Don’t buy used equipment, either. You can still find reasonably-priced new equipment that will last much longer than anything you buy used.

3)  Does It Come With A Warranty?
Another advantage of buying new as opposed to used equipment: warranties. Before buying any equipment, ask if it comes with a warranty and/or guarantee.

4) Are You Also Going To Offer Day Spa Treatments?
Some salons go above and beyond and offer day spa treatments. Those types of services remain popular, because people are always looking for a way to relax! If this is something you’re considering, then you need to look at equipment aside from the basic equipment. Ask around and see what others are offering. Again, the goal here is for your clients to want to keep coming back to your store. Therefore, you want to offer them an experience they won’t get anywhere else – especially at your competition’s store.

5) Innovative Equipment
While you’re looking around and seeing what  your competition is offering, look for some of the new and innovative  beauty equipment that’s available. The industry is fluid, always changing. You can find new products all the time, all of which help enhance the experience at your salon or spa. You want to give your clients an experience they won’t get anywhere else, and finding innovative beauty equipment is one way to do that.

For your Success,

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips For Opening A Spa, Salon Shop

AM Salon Equipment will empower you!
Opening and running your own business is difficult for anyone, especially in today’s economy. But as the economy slowly starts to rebound, more people are starting to own their own business again – and the competition is fierce. The same holds true for spa and salons. So before you open your own beauty salon or spa, here are a few tips to consider:

Location, Location, Location
You’ve heard that saying before when talking about real estate: “Location, location, location,” as in, your location is key to your success. If your spa or salon is in a quiet, rural area, you can often find and occupy your own building, although you need to make sure it’s easy to find. Shopping centers and inside shopping malls -- especially those next to a complementary business -- are another popular spot for a spa and salon, mainly due to the foot traffic you’ll experience every day.  

New Or Used Equipment?
Once you’ve found your location, then it’s time to consider what kind of equipment you’re going to use. Try to resist the urge to buy used equipment. Whenever your budget allows for it, buy new. New equipment will last longer, plus you know exactly what you’re getting. On the other hand, you never really quite know the condition of the equipment when you’re buying used, so you may wind up buying the equipment all over again if you purchase used equipment that doesn’t work. Another advantage of buying new? You can make sure that all the furniture, equipment, etc., matches the rest of the décor in your spa or salon, rather than a mismatched bunch of equipment.
Make Your Shop Comfortable!
Don’t forget why your clients are coming in: They want a relaxing experience. The shop should be thoroughly cleaned, the floors swept and vacuumed regularly throughout the day. Things like towels and trimmers should be kept clean. Consider investing in couches instead of chairs for the waiting area (or other relaxing furniture). Magazines, coffee and even a candy jar for the little ones all lead to a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Pictures that are bright and exciting can give your clients a little energy boost, while pictures with relaxing images and soft colors can create a relaxing feeling.
Give Them Something They Won’t Get Anywhere Else
Finally, take a look at what your competition is doing: Are there any services they do not provide that you can? Because, the bottom line is, you don’t want potential customers going somewhere else to get a product or service, just because you don’t offer it. Instead, you want to offer them everything they need so that they don’t have to go anywhere else.

For your Success,

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

How To Find The Best Styling Chairs

Aluma Silver from AM Salon Equipment

By now, you know the importance of quality work and customer service. You stocked your beauty salon with some of the latest products. And you spent your money wisely on a variety of marketing and advertising venues.

But if you don’t have the right styling chairs, those hard-earned customers might not be back. A styling chair is sometimes an overlooked piece of a equipment when it comes time to furnishing a beauty salon. Salon owners will often go all out when seeking out furnishings, buying top-notch dryer items and massage equipment, and the best pedicure and manicure items. Even the reception and retail area is all decked out.
The styling chairs? They’re an afterthought, at best, with many salon owners choosing instead to dress up some used or old styling chairs in an effort to save a few bucks. But styling chairs should be an essential part of the salon experience. A good styling chair is equal parts comfortable, adjustable, practical and stylish.
So before you purchase your next styling chair, consider some of these tips:

Don’t Wait To Pick Out Your Chair
When buying styling chairs – or any major piece of equipment – allow for six to 12 weeks for delivery. Wait until the opening is right around the corner, and you may be disappointed in your choices. And if something goes awry (like the wrong piece of furniture was delivered), you should still have plenty of time to re-order.

Comfort Is King!
What are your customers doing the majority of the time at your salon? They’re sitting. That’s why finding a comfortable styling chair is so important. You don’t want your customers fidgeting the entire time – especially during a long appointment.

You Get What You Pay For
You could save a few bucks by purchasing used or cheap styling chairs. But your styling chairs, like all of your salon furnishings, should  last you a long time. So if you buy on the cheap, chances are good that you’ll have to pay to replace it in just a few short years. And you’re never quite sure of the quality when buying used. When in doubt, invest in higher-quality styling chairs – they’ll last longer, and you know the quality is good.

Be Careful Choosing Designs
Although you want a styling chair to match the décor of your salon, make sure the design will stand the test of time. After all, shag carpet was all the rage back in the day. As with all your furniture, you want styling chairs that are equal parts classic and timeless. That way, you can continue changing the interior design over the years – without having to replace all the styling chairs.

For your Success,

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Spa Businesses Can Thrive In This Economy

It was just a couple of years ago that a report came out saying the spa industry would suffer in the coming years, with up to 7% shuttering their doors. While the number of locations did, indeed, decrease, revenues and spa visits were up.

According to a study released by the International SPA Association, the number of spa locations nationwide went from 20,600 in 2009 to 19,900 in 2010, a 3.3% decrease. But revenue went up from $12.3 billion to $12.8 billion, or a 4.3% increase, and spa visits went from 143 million in 2009 to 150 million the following year, or a 4.7% increase, according to the study.
AM Salon and Spa Equipment
spa furniture available at:

The following suggestions are ways that your spa business can survive – and thrive:

* Focus On What Sells Well: It’s been said that 20% of a businesses’ products or services makes up 80% of its revenue. Focus on your top-selling products and services and consider cutting loose the products or services that aren’t. If you’re looking to add more spa equipment, whether it’s another facial bed or a pedicure center, A.M. Salon Equipment has you covered. We offer packaged deals and are never undersold!

* Use Social Media To Your Advantage: Consider supplementing your store’s Web site with a social media platform like a Facebook Fan Page or the content-sharing site Pinterest. With Facebook, for example, every time someone “likes” your page or post, that activity is recorded on the person’s personal Facebook page – and all of his or her friends can see it. Facebook currently has approximately 845 million users – and that number may climb to 1 billion before the end of the year. 

* Give Your Customers Something Extra: What kind of personalized touch can you add to your current services – without impacting your profits? One spa business, for example, offers free LED hand treatments during customers’ facials. It doesn’t cost them anything extra, because they already own the equipment. This type of added value will keep customers coming back for more because they’re getting something from your shop that they wouldn’t get at your competitor’s store.

* How Long Are You Open? There’s probably at least one day each week when sales are slow. Once you’ve paid all your operating costs, are you actually losing money those days? Several spa businesses have trimmed their operating hours, some even cutting out entire days. 

Thriving In This Economy? It’s Possible
The spa industry in general is recovering – and even showing signs of growth. To catch onto this trend, remember to focus on your most popular services, take advantage of social media platforms and give your customers an experience they’ll never forget!

For your Success,
AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith

The Right Salon Supplies Can Help Your Business

Hair salons are recession proof, right? After all, doesn’t everyone need a haircut? While that’s true to an extent, consumers may go longer between stops at the beauty salon as they weather the troubled economy.

To survive, and thrive, in today’s economy, salon owners need a well-trained staff, top-notch customer service and top-of-the-line – yet affordable – beauty products and supplies.

But salon owners also need the best equipment. The goal at
A.M. Salon Equipment is to give customers the type of experience that will keep them coming back time and again. But without the right equipment, those customers may go to your competitors, regardless of your customer service or highly trained staff.
Some basic supplies include:
   * Styling stations and/or barber chairs, clippers and scissors;
      * Hair brushes and hair clips;
      * Salon quality hair dryers and dryer chairs;
      * Facial machines and/or beds;
      * Steamers and heat lamps;
      * Manicure tables and pedicure units;
      * Facial beds and machines;
      * Hair processors;
      * Shampoo chairs and bowls.

Why Those Items Are Crucial To Your Business

Of course, you’ll also need furniture for the waiting area, a reception desk/area and a retail area for the beauty supplies you sell. But the above-mentioned items are not to be taken lightly. Below is a closer look at some of those supplies and equipment – and why they’ll help your business.

* A Good Dryer Will Save You Time: Believe it or not, high-quality hairdryers will actually allow you to see more customers because they’ll dry hair faster. And dryer chairs make a big difference, too. After all, your customers will spend quite a bit of time in the dryer chairs; they won’t come back if they’re not comfortable.

* Comfy Chairs = Happy Customers: Make sure your chairs are comfortable (hydraulic chairs are the way to go), and consider purchasing at least one children’s styling chair or several booster seats.

* The Right Scissors, Hair Brushes Are Essential: Everybody’s hair is different, and that means you’ll need different types of long and short scissors to accommodate every customer. The same can be said when it comes to obtaining different types of hair brushes. Hair brushes are kind of like tooth brushes in that we tend to hang onto them far too long. But with quality hair brushes at your salon, your customers will be happier, they’ll look better, and you may be able to get them to ditch their old brushes and buy new ones at your shop. While you’re at it, make sure you buy a variety of hair clips in different sizes, too.

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What You’ll Need For A Manicure, Pedicure Station

pedicure stations from

Whether you own a small barbershop or a large spa and beauty salon, these days you should also at least consider adding pedicure and/or manicure services.

Think of it as another layer of customer service. But it’s also becoming fairly common, too. If you don’t offer pedicure and/or manicure services, your competition does. 

That means you’re going to need to carve out a little space in your store, hire or lease the space to a nail technician, and you’re going to need the right equipment. You could always save a few bucks and buy used equipment. But used equipment typically doesn’t last as long, and you’re never quite sure about the condition of it.

New, name-brand equipment, though, will last longer, you can oftentimes find a packaged deal, and at A.M Salon Equipment, we have leasing and/or financing plans. Before you buy your pedicure and manicure equipment, though, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a few tips:

1) What You’ll Need For Your Pedicure Station
Aside from the usual suspects – soaps, cleansers, disinfectants, nail filers, scissors and clippers, cotton pads and nail polish and nail polish remover  – you’ll also need a chair for the customers and the nail technician, and consider also adding a pedicure spa.

A good pedicure chair can affect future business. The reason? If the customer is comfortable, he or she is more likely to come back. While there’s nothing wrong with a comfy, padded chair, consider adding a few other amenities, like cup holders, seat warmers and massagers. Make sure the material, though, is easy to clean, and chairs should also be easily adjustable.

Pedicure spas, meanwhile, are increasingly becoming a staple of beauty salons. The chair has a mini “spa” that’s hooked up to a foot bath, complete with water jets. It gives the customer an added luxury – and reason to come back to your salon.

2) What You’ll Need For Your Manicure Station
The manicure table is going to be your primary piece of equipment. Make sure it’s big enough to allow plenty of space for the nail technician and client. Make sure it’s made out of an easy-to-clean material (think wood laminate) and that it comes with a padded hand rest, swivel casters and adjustable lamp. Also make sure it comes with plenty of storage drawers. Some manicure tables also come with polish racks and electrical outlets.
Your manicure table should also have space for a nail dryer. Remember, the faster a customer’s coat of polish dries, the faster you can apply another coat. 

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How To Pick Out A Styling Station

Rio Formula Styling Station w/ Pull-Out Tools & Storage
from AM Salon Equipment - 1-800-481-6511

Customers can get their hair styled anywhere. And the odds are good that any beauty salon that has been operating for several years already has a good staff in place. So how do you separate yourself from the rest of the competition? Ambiance.

Customers come into your salon not just for the haircut, manicure and pedicure, but also for the experience. Simply put, they want to be pampered. Part of that experience means equipping your salon with the best furnishings – and that’s especially true of your styling stations. 

Two Types Of Styling Stations
There are two types of styling stations: modern and traditional. With modern stations, customers have access to all the latest products and technology and a variety of chemical items. Traditional styling stations, though, are more old-school and are often equipped with all-natural beautification products.

Some Of Your Options
Luckily, styling stations come in a variety of styles and designs. Island and double island stations are popular, as are stations with laminated or even with a stainless steel surface. You can also find stations that are lockable (to store small equipment such as combs), and others come with a laminated door front that’s both functional and stylish. Mirrors are also a key component of your styling station, with some already built-in to a styling station. Other standard equipment includes blow dryers and hair irons.

Does It Match?
Make sure your styling station matches the overall look of your store. Additional amenities to look for include a shelf area for clients to keep their bags, purse, coffee, etc.; a holster for the hairdryer, and; a footrest. Make sure, too, that the station(s) is clutter-free. A disorganized area paints the wrong picture for customers.

Ambiance vs. Functionality
Soft lighting in your styling station can help create a relaxing atmosphere. But your station(s) needs to be functional, as well. It won’t matter how stylish your station looks or how comfortable it is for the customers if your employees can’t work efficiently in the styling station. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to shop around beforehand, and seek out your employees’ input before purchasing styling stations – or any piece of salon furniture/equipment.

Paying For It All
Styling stations, like any piece of salon furniture or equipment, isn’t cheap. In fact, the equipment is often among the biggest cost – if not the biggest – when starting up a beauty salon. But salon furnishings are typically made to stand the test of time. In other words, the better the quality, the less likely you’re going to have to replace it in a few years. Let us help you design your space with excellence, call today!

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