Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 steps you can take to get more local customers

If today’s struggling economy has taught salon owners anything, it’s that traditional marketing platforms should be combined with new technologies to maximize your earnings potential. In other words, you have to do more than running a couple of print ads to survive and thrive.

Traditional marketing platforms still offer a tried-and-true method for spreading the word about your salon, but the savvy business owner will utilize a variety of marketing tools – many of which are free and just as effective. Below is a look at six ways you can garner more local customers using traditional and new marketing tools.

Print, radio and TV advertising
Consumers have more places to get their news than ever before, so more companies are pulling out their print, radio and television advertisements. But marketing experts still say that print, radio and TV remains one of the most expensive/effective ways of advertising, although online marketing tools are fast closing the gap.

Salons simply can’t rely on word-of-mouth or foot traffic if they want to survive. One sure way to draw more local customers is to offer discounts. It’s the “buy-1-get-1-free” mentality. The theory is that cost-conscious customers will want to save money anyway, so if they know they’re getting a good deal at your store, chances are they’ll come back for more – and they’ll tell their friends about it.

Face-to-face networking
One of the most time-tested ways of attracting more local customers is to simply hit the streets. Get out and meet your potential client base. Join the local chamber of commerce, attend networking meetings, and set up a booth at your local neighborhood party. Let people know who you are, where you’re located, and what you can do for them.

Stay ahead with the Web
Any salon that isn’t online will probably struggle to keep up with the competition. Web sites, when professionally designed, give potential customers everything they need to know about your business, including the cost of your services or products, address(es) and contact info.

‘Like’ your business on Facebook
Looking for a way to spread the word about your company and attract more local customers? You no longer have to pay an arm-and-a-leg, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and blogs. Many large companies today have some social media presence because most of those sites are free – and your local business can potentially reach millions of people across the globe.

We're No. 1!
Research shows that people are unlikely to sift through pages and pages of Internet search results. That's where rankings come in handy. Search EngineOptimization (SEO) helps you gain more visitors to your Web site by garnering a high ranking in the search results page. You can pay for SEO services, or you can make sure your Web site -- and content inside -- contains certain keywords that are likely to show up in any of the major search engines.

By leveraging marketing techniques that extend beyond the basics, you will be able to reach a broader customer base for your local salon.

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