Monday, July 9, 2012

Tips For Buying Salon And Spa Equipment

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Going into the salon and/or spa business isn’t easy. It takes careful planning, money and a little bit of luck. To get started, there are a few things to consider.   

First, make sure you maintain the best quality and provide all the amenities and luxuries possible to pamper your clients. Treatments should enhance the look of your clients while also giving them personal satisfaction and relaxation. The business itself should have all the latest equipment, treatments, etc. But you also need a variety of treatments and products, too, so that it suites all budgets. 

And finally, you need careful planning for the furniture and equipment. This, too, helps create a relaxing atmosphere – and hopefully will keep the customers coming back time and again. Below are a few tips when looking for new equipment for your salon or spa:

1) What Services Will You Offer?
This seems like a basic question, but deciding what type of services you’ll offer will help you determine what type of equipment and accessories you’ll need.

2) Time For The Basics
You’ll still need basic equipment for hair and skin treatments. Start looking for good wash basins, equipment to straighten or curl hair, hair dryers, supply trolleys, scissors, etc. Don’t buy used equipment, either. You can still find reasonably-priced new equipment that will last much longer than anything you buy used.

3)  Does It Come With A Warranty?
Another advantage of buying new as opposed to used equipment: warranties. Before buying any equipment, ask if it comes with a warranty and/or guarantee.

4) Are You Also Going To Offer Day Spa Treatments?
Some salons go above and beyond and offer day spa treatments. Those types of services remain popular, because people are always looking for a way to relax! If this is something you’re considering, then you need to look at equipment aside from the basic equipment. Ask around and see what others are offering. Again, the goal here is for your clients to want to keep coming back to your store. Therefore, you want to offer them an experience they won’t get anywhere else – especially at your competition’s store.

5) Innovative Equipment
While you’re looking around and seeing what  your competition is offering, look for some of the new and innovative  beauty equipment that’s available. The industry is fluid, always changing. You can find new products all the time, all of which help enhance the experience at your salon or spa. You want to give your clients an experience they won’t get anywhere else, and finding innovative beauty equipment is one way to do that.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips For Opening A Spa, Salon Shop

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Opening and running your own business is difficult for anyone, especially in today’s economy. But as the economy slowly starts to rebound, more people are starting to own their own business again – and the competition is fierce. The same holds true for spa and salons. So before you open your own beauty salon or spa, here are a few tips to consider:

Location, Location, Location
You’ve heard that saying before when talking about real estate: “Location, location, location,” as in, your location is key to your success. If your spa or salon is in a quiet, rural area, you can often find and occupy your own building, although you need to make sure it’s easy to find. Shopping centers and inside shopping malls -- especially those next to a complementary business -- are another popular spot for a spa and salon, mainly due to the foot traffic you’ll experience every day.  

New Or Used Equipment?
Once you’ve found your location, then it’s time to consider what kind of equipment you’re going to use. Try to resist the urge to buy used equipment. Whenever your budget allows for it, buy new. New equipment will last longer, plus you know exactly what you’re getting. On the other hand, you never really quite know the condition of the equipment when you’re buying used, so you may wind up buying the equipment all over again if you purchase used equipment that doesn’t work. Another advantage of buying new? You can make sure that all the furniture, equipment, etc., matches the rest of the décor in your spa or salon, rather than a mismatched bunch of equipment.
Make Your Shop Comfortable!
Don’t forget why your clients are coming in: They want a relaxing experience. The shop should be thoroughly cleaned, the floors swept and vacuumed regularly throughout the day. Things like towels and trimmers should be kept clean. Consider investing in couches instead of chairs for the waiting area (or other relaxing furniture). Magazines, coffee and even a candy jar for the little ones all lead to a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Pictures that are bright and exciting can give your clients a little energy boost, while pictures with relaxing images and soft colors can create a relaxing feeling.
Give Them Something They Won’t Get Anywhere Else
Finally, take a look at what your competition is doing: Are there any services they do not provide that you can? Because, the bottom line is, you don’t want potential customers going somewhere else to get a product or service, just because you don’t offer it. Instead, you want to offer them everything they need so that they don’t have to go anywhere else.

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AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith