Monday, December 31, 2012

Simple Marketing Techniques that Drive Repeat Customer Business

Every successful business owner understands that it is much less expensive to up-sell a current customer than it is to locate a new one. However, many fail to implement simple marketing techniques that will keep customers returning again and again to their establishment. By implementing a few low cost marketing initiatives into your monthly calendar, you can drive incremental business during targeted time periods for your salon business.

Follow these simple marketing techniques to drive repeat customer business to your salon:

Customer Specials-
Alternate monthly specials between service and retail products to attract repeat business. For example, X% off retail products for the month of October, or 10% off special event styling for December (to drive holiday business). Consider which months are typically slower and utilize promotions and specials to drive incremental business during those time periods.

Email Marketing- Utilize email to send out styling information as well as promotional materials. Avoid spamming and use this marketing technique sparingly to capture the most attention from your current clientele.

Promote New Services and Products-
Whenever your salon is offering something new or trendy, be sure to promote it to your current customer base via email or direct mail.

Schedule Special Events
If you are looking to reach your current clientele in addition to their circle of friends, consider hosting occasional special events. For example, book a style show to showcase the latest in seasonal hairstyles or techniques. Or, host a do-it-yourself hair-drying event where women can learn how to achieve better results at home.

Send Reminders
For those services which are time sensitive, such as hair coloring or highlighting, send friendly customer email reminders. Something very simple such as “We noticed that it has been a while since we have seen you and would like to offer you 10% off for your next coloring session” will work perfectly. Utilize your calendar system along with an automatic email-marketing program such as Constant Contact to accomplish this objective.

Monthly marketing specials, promotions and reminders can help to increase the number of repeat customers that walk through your establishment’s front doors. While you should never take your eye off of generating new business, mining your current customer base is a proven method for increasing revenues. And, repeat customers often have higher conversion ratios and lower marketing costs than generating a new salon customer.

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