Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving a great shampoo experience

Favorite shampoo equipment from AM Salon Equipment
Have you ever asked a client what his or her favorite part of a salon visit is when they’re getting hair services? We’ve heard that most clients will answer that the shampooing process can be the best part because it’s a service of kindness.
People enjoy the nice feeling of warm water, scalp massaging, and just generally feeling pampered. That’s one of the reasons so many clients come in for just a wash and a styling — they like the little mini-massage and hair treatment!
When you’re setting up your washing station to give your clients the best shampoo they’ve ever had, you want to make sure that you’re able to set up the greatest experience possible. That means you need to have the right equipment on hand, to serve any kind of client who walks through the doors of your business.
Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your equipment:
  • Client heights. Tall clients will often need a chair that allows them plenty of leg room to stretch out, so they’re not feeling crumpled up into a small space. Shorter clients will benefit from chairs with leg rests in case their feet don’t touch the ground (it winds up being better for their backs).
  • Client weights. Consider the heft of your client when choosing certain equipment. A heavier client may not be comfortable in a narrow chair or with a portable station. You want something that can accommodate a wide variety of people.
  • Special circumstances. People with special needs, such as a bad back, being wheelchair bound, prone to headaches, or those with sensitive necks often need special adjustments. Many salon owners find that the adjustable sink works well with their clients. This is especially the case if your main clients are senior citizens or have other special needs. However, the versatility and adjustable sink provides can apply to those who work on children and differently-sized clients, both tall and petite.
Overall, the goal is to ensure that your clients have a memorable experience that they’ll talk about to all their friends, and having a great shampoo station is the very best way to start a lasting good impression.
When you’re setting up a new station, whether it’s for the first time, or for a remodel, take your client diversity into perspective. That way, you can ensure you give a great shampoo experience that will heighten customer satisfaction, improve your reputation, get clients coming back for more, and get all the referrals you could ever want.

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AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith

Monday, November 5, 2012

Manicure-Pedicure Best Practices: Choosing the Right Equipment

Have you ever had trouble choosing which equipment is best for your salon? When your salon is just starting out, or even if you’ve been in business for years, sometimes making sure you have just what you need can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true when you’re looking for good sterilization equipment if your salon offers manicures and pedicures.

Many customers are concerned with a growing number of reports of cross infection from one client to another — things such as nail fungus and other types of contamination are a concern for them. Of course, they are for any reputable salon, like yours. Health inspectors are putting pressure on salons to ensure best practices are kept, and salons are getting nervous about how to get those practices in place without going bankrupt.

Essentially, the reasons for following best practices are threefold:
  • Customer confidence. If clients can see that you’re serious about their safety and well-being, they will not only return to you, but they’ll tell their friends and relatives, meaning more business for you.
  • Reputation saving. Clients flock to salons with good reputations — not just for the services they get, but for how clean and sterile places keep their equipment.
  • Revenue generation. The more people talk about your salon and how customer safety is taken seriously, the more clients will return to you and give referrals.
Let’s face it — if you don’t have good sterilization practices, you might be looking at a huge world of trouble with health inspectors, and the potential loss of revenue and customers. So not only do you want products that keep your instruments clean — you need those products! Not to mention the fact that you also need them to be affordable.

Recently, there’s been an upswing of companies trying to sell “ultrasonic” cleaners as a way to cleanse your tools for use. We agree that these are great products for preparation to cleaning your tools — but they aren’t for proper sterilization. They’re great for pre-sterilization, but they aren’t the paramount of “best practice.”

For the absolute best practices for manicures and pedicures, an autoclave is required! Ultimately, that is the #1, most important tool to have in your arsenal. Nothing works better when it comes to infection control than an autoclave. There are other sterilizers and Barbicide disinfectant, certainly — and they serve their purposes. But if you want to ensure that no fungi or infections are spreading among your customers, an autoclave will help you sleep at night.

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AM Salon Equipment - Today's Complete Salon and Spa FurnishingsKeith