Friday, September 7, 2012

The Importance of Salon Equipment - Barber Chairs and Station Mats

Most people who walk into a salon or spa do not think much about the furniture inside, such as the styling and shampoo stations, the styling chairs, massage tables, manicure tables, dryers or any of the displays or accessories. However, as a salon or spa business owner or manager, thinking about all of the necessary equipment is more than important – it is downright necessary. After all, your clients may not think much about tools or chairs but they certainly will if they find that it is uncomfortable or does not work properly. In the end, this could even cost you business.

That is why it is worth the time and investment to purchase high quality, comfortable and functional equipment for your salon or spa. The overall atmosphere should impress clients when they walk in the door and they should walk out of the door equally satisfied, with both the service and the experience.

For example, start by considering your barber chairs. Ask your stylists if they are happy with the chairs and the way that they function. Then look at the chairs closely.

They should not be stained or damaged and should work smoothly when moving up or down. In addition, high-quality barber chairs should be made out of leather or an equal product, with stainless steel and attractive trim. Clients should feel comfortable when they sit down, allowing them to relax while in your stylists’ expert hands. Of course, purchasing good barber chairs can cost quite a bit of money, although here at A.M. Salon Equipment, we offer the best prices for attractive, functional and durable salon furniture such as a wide variety of barber chairs. Select from chairs that lean back, those with armrests and a neck rest, and several different finishes and fabrics.

While you are checking out your stations, look at your station mats. Are they worn out, damaged or excessively dirty? If so, it is time to change them out for new, attractive and durable station mats through A.M. Salon Equipment. Pick from several different manufacturers and types of mats that come in various sizes and shapes. Match your station mats to the overall salon décor and ambiance and you will find that the little details really do make all the difference.

A.M. Salon and Spa Equipment has been in business since 1966 and we know what it takes to help make your spa or salon look top notch to your clients. We have a huge selection, great prices and excellent customer service. Call us today at 800-481-6511. 

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