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How To Find The Best Styling Chairs

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By now, you know the importance of quality work and customer service. You stocked your beauty salon with some of the latest products. And you spent your money wisely on a variety of marketing and advertising venues.

But if you don’t have the right styling chairs, those hard-earned customers might not be back. A styling chair is sometimes an overlooked piece of a equipment when it comes time to furnishing a beauty salon. Salon owners will often go all out when seeking out furnishings, buying top-notch dryer items and massage equipment, and the best pedicure and manicure items. Even the reception and retail area is all decked out.
The styling chairs? They’re an afterthought, at best, with many salon owners choosing instead to dress up some used or old styling chairs in an effort to save a few bucks. But styling chairs should be an essential part of the salon experience. A good styling chair is equal parts comfortable, adjustable, practical and stylish.
So before you purchase your next styling chair, consider some of these tips:

Don’t Wait To Pick Out Your Chair
When buying styling chairs – or any major piece of equipment – allow for six to 12 weeks for delivery. Wait until the opening is right around the corner, and you may be disappointed in your choices. And if something goes awry (like the wrong piece of furniture was delivered), you should still have plenty of time to re-order.

Comfort Is King!
What are your customers doing the majority of the time at your salon? They’re sitting. That’s why finding a comfortable styling chair is so important. You don’t want your customers fidgeting the entire time – especially during a long appointment.

You Get What You Pay For
You could save a few bucks by purchasing used or cheap styling chairs. But your styling chairs, like all of your salon furnishings, should  last you a long time. So if you buy on the cheap, chances are good that you’ll have to pay to replace it in just a few short years. And you’re never quite sure of the quality when buying used. When in doubt, invest in higher-quality styling chairs – they’ll last longer, and you know the quality is good.

Be Careful Choosing Designs
Although you want a styling chair to match the décor of your salon, make sure the design will stand the test of time. After all, shag carpet was all the rage back in the day. As with all your furniture, you want styling chairs that are equal parts classic and timeless. That way, you can continue changing the interior design over the years – without having to replace all the styling chairs.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Spa Businesses Can Thrive In This Economy

It was just a couple of years ago that a report came out saying the spa industry would suffer in the coming years, with up to 7% shuttering their doors. While the number of locations did, indeed, decrease, revenues and spa visits were up.

According to a study released by the International SPA Association, the number of spa locations nationwide went from 20,600 in 2009 to 19,900 in 2010, a 3.3% decrease. But revenue went up from $12.3 billion to $12.8 billion, or a 4.3% increase, and spa visits went from 143 million in 2009 to 150 million the following year, or a 4.7% increase, according to the study.
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The following suggestions are ways that your spa business can survive – and thrive:

* Focus On What Sells Well: It’s been said that 20% of a businesses’ products or services makes up 80% of its revenue. Focus on your top-selling products and services and consider cutting loose the products or services that aren’t. If you’re looking to add more spa equipment, whether it’s another facial bed or a pedicure center, A.M. Salon Equipment has you covered. We offer packaged deals and are never undersold!

* Use Social Media To Your Advantage: Consider supplementing your store’s Web site with a social media platform like a Facebook Fan Page or the content-sharing site Pinterest. With Facebook, for example, every time someone “likes” your page or post, that activity is recorded on the person’s personal Facebook page – and all of his or her friends can see it. Facebook currently has approximately 845 million users – and that number may climb to 1 billion before the end of the year. 

* Give Your Customers Something Extra: What kind of personalized touch can you add to your current services – without impacting your profits? One spa business, for example, offers free LED hand treatments during customers’ facials. It doesn’t cost them anything extra, because they already own the equipment. This type of added value will keep customers coming back for more because they’re getting something from your shop that they wouldn’t get at your competitor’s store.

* How Long Are You Open? There’s probably at least one day each week when sales are slow. Once you’ve paid all your operating costs, are you actually losing money those days? Several spa businesses have trimmed their operating hours, some even cutting out entire days. 

Thriving In This Economy? It’s Possible
The spa industry in general is recovering – and even showing signs of growth. To catch onto this trend, remember to focus on your most popular services, take advantage of social media platforms and give your customers an experience they’ll never forget!

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The Right Salon Supplies Can Help Your Business

Hair salons are recession proof, right? After all, doesn’t everyone need a haircut? While that’s true to an extent, consumers may go longer between stops at the beauty salon as they weather the troubled economy.

To survive, and thrive, in today’s economy, salon owners need a well-trained staff, top-notch customer service and top-of-the-line – yet affordable – beauty products and supplies.

But salon owners also need the best equipment. The goal at
A.M. Salon Equipment is to give customers the type of experience that will keep them coming back time and again. But without the right equipment, those customers may go to your competitors, regardless of your customer service or highly trained staff.
Some basic supplies include:
   * Styling stations and/or barber chairs, clippers and scissors;
      * Hair brushes and hair clips;
      * Salon quality hair dryers and dryer chairs;
      * Facial machines and/or beds;
      * Steamers and heat lamps;
      * Manicure tables and pedicure units;
      * Facial beds and machines;
      * Hair processors;
      * Shampoo chairs and bowls.

Why Those Items Are Crucial To Your Business

Of course, you’ll also need furniture for the waiting area, a reception desk/area and a retail area for the beauty supplies you sell. But the above-mentioned items are not to be taken lightly. Below is a closer look at some of those supplies and equipment – and why they’ll help your business.

* A Good Dryer Will Save You Time: Believe it or not, high-quality hairdryers will actually allow you to see more customers because they’ll dry hair faster. And dryer chairs make a big difference, too. After all, your customers will spend quite a bit of time in the dryer chairs; they won’t come back if they’re not comfortable.

* Comfy Chairs = Happy Customers: Make sure your chairs are comfortable (hydraulic chairs are the way to go), and consider purchasing at least one children’s styling chair or several booster seats.

* The Right Scissors, Hair Brushes Are Essential: Everybody’s hair is different, and that means you’ll need different types of long and short scissors to accommodate every customer. The same can be said when it comes to obtaining different types of hair brushes. Hair brushes are kind of like tooth brushes in that we tend to hang onto them far too long. But with quality hair brushes at your salon, your customers will be happier, they’ll look better, and you may be able to get them to ditch their old brushes and buy new ones at your shop. While you’re at it, make sure you buy a variety of hair clips in different sizes, too.

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What You’ll Need For A Manicure, Pedicure Station

pedicure stations from

Whether you own a small barbershop or a large spa and beauty salon, these days you should also at least consider adding pedicure and/or manicure services.

Think of it as another layer of customer service. But it’s also becoming fairly common, too. If you don’t offer pedicure and/or manicure services, your competition does. 

That means you’re going to need to carve out a little space in your store, hire or lease the space to a nail technician, and you’re going to need the right equipment. You could always save a few bucks and buy used equipment. But used equipment typically doesn’t last as long, and you’re never quite sure about the condition of it.

New, name-brand equipment, though, will last longer, you can oftentimes find a packaged deal, and at A.M Salon Equipment, we have leasing and/or financing plans. Before you buy your pedicure and manicure equipment, though, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a few tips:

1) What You’ll Need For Your Pedicure Station
Aside from the usual suspects – soaps, cleansers, disinfectants, nail filers, scissors and clippers, cotton pads and nail polish and nail polish remover  – you’ll also need a chair for the customers and the nail technician, and consider also adding a pedicure spa.

A good pedicure chair can affect future business. The reason? If the customer is comfortable, he or she is more likely to come back. While there’s nothing wrong with a comfy, padded chair, consider adding a few other amenities, like cup holders, seat warmers and massagers. Make sure the material, though, is easy to clean, and chairs should also be easily adjustable.

Pedicure spas, meanwhile, are increasingly becoming a staple of beauty salons. The chair has a mini “spa” that’s hooked up to a foot bath, complete with water jets. It gives the customer an added luxury – and reason to come back to your salon.

2) What You’ll Need For Your Manicure Station
The manicure table is going to be your primary piece of equipment. Make sure it’s big enough to allow plenty of space for the nail technician and client. Make sure it’s made out of an easy-to-clean material (think wood laminate) and that it comes with a padded hand rest, swivel casters and adjustable lamp. Also make sure it comes with plenty of storage drawers. Some manicure tables also come with polish racks and electrical outlets.
Your manicure table should also have space for a nail dryer. Remember, the faster a customer’s coat of polish dries, the faster you can apply another coat. 

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How To Pick Out A Styling Station

Rio Formula Styling Station w/ Pull-Out Tools & Storage
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Customers can get their hair styled anywhere. And the odds are good that any beauty salon that has been operating for several years already has a good staff in place. So how do you separate yourself from the rest of the competition? Ambiance.

Customers come into your salon not just for the haircut, manicure and pedicure, but also for the experience. Simply put, they want to be pampered. Part of that experience means equipping your salon with the best furnishings – and that’s especially true of your styling stations. 

Two Types Of Styling Stations
There are two types of styling stations: modern and traditional. With modern stations, customers have access to all the latest products and technology and a variety of chemical items. Traditional styling stations, though, are more old-school and are often equipped with all-natural beautification products.

Some Of Your Options
Luckily, styling stations come in a variety of styles and designs. Island and double island stations are popular, as are stations with laminated or even with a stainless steel surface. You can also find stations that are lockable (to store small equipment such as combs), and others come with a laminated door front that’s both functional and stylish. Mirrors are also a key component of your styling station, with some already built-in to a styling station. Other standard equipment includes blow dryers and hair irons.

Does It Match?
Make sure your styling station matches the overall look of your store. Additional amenities to look for include a shelf area for clients to keep their bags, purse, coffee, etc.; a holster for the hairdryer, and; a footrest. Make sure, too, that the station(s) is clutter-free. A disorganized area paints the wrong picture for customers.

Ambiance vs. Functionality
Soft lighting in your styling station can help create a relaxing atmosphere. But your station(s) needs to be functional, as well. It won’t matter how stylish your station looks or how comfortable it is for the customers if your employees can’t work efficiently in the styling station. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to shop around beforehand, and seek out your employees’ input before purchasing styling stations – or any piece of salon furniture/equipment.

Paying For It All
Styling stations, like any piece of salon furniture or equipment, isn’t cheap. In fact, the equipment is often among the biggest cost – if not the biggest – when starting up a beauty salon. But salon furnishings are typically made to stand the test of time. In other words, the better the quality, the less likely you’re going to have to replace it in a few years. Let us help you design your space with excellence, call today!

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