Thursday, April 19, 2012

Increase Your Sales - A Carefully Placed Retail Area

Has business been stagnant at your beauty salon and or spa? 
Are you looking to increase sales? Don’t underestimate the drawing power of a retail area and/or display. A carefully placed retail area can increase your profit margin and draw repeat customers who are looking for hair care products that they wouldn’t normally find at a grocery store or pharmacy.
Sales of hair care products at salons, spas and barber shops typically account for up to 15% of a store’s revenue, according to the 2012 GreenBook. You can find special retail area/displays at A.M. Salon Equipment. But that’s only half the battle; you need to know what to do with that retail area, too, to get the most out of it.

The Power of Impulse Buys
Anywhere from 40% to 60% of all purchases come from impulse buys, according to various reports. Overall, up to 88% of all impulse buys are for items that are on sale. Grocery stores are kings of impulse buys, with items like gum, candy, batteries and various knickknacks for shoppers to peruse while they’re in the check-out line. Spas, salons and barbershops in particular can benefit from impulse buys, whether it’s from the sale of hair care products or non-related hair care products.

1) Know Your Customers: Ask yourself these questions: What products would my customers want? Does that change by season or demographics? How can I make the shopping experience different than, say, shopping for hair care products at a grocery store or pharmacy?

2) Highlight Your Products: Once you’ve mapped out the types of products you want to sell from your retail area, think about the actual display. What would highlight the products the best way? Will my customers see it, or will it blend in with the rest of the store? Research shows that people tend to see items that are on the right side of them. Consider also adding some beauty products at your check-out line and in the reception area, if you haven’t done so already, as well as the waiting area.

3) Can The Customers See, Touch And Smell The Products? Customers are more likely to buy a product they’re unfamiliar with if they can actually touch, see or smell the product, so take a few items out of their boxes.

It Starts With A Retail Area
You can increase your profit margin by selling hair care products. And once you’ve hooked a customer on the product, he or she will keep coming back – sometimes just to buy those products. But it starts with a carefully placed retail/display area.

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